A tough nut to crack

We lay the groundwork

The financial trading sector is one of the toughest in the world to break into. Our vision is to disrupt all that. And connect any self-motivated lay person to financial markets through simulated or small-cost investment platforms, online data analysis tools and disciplined trading. Disciplined traders are able to pull money out of the market consistently and seemingly at will, even though their numbers won't be large- may be between 15% to 25%.

Pictured below is the tip of the Over the Counter (OTC) fx or spot currency market iceberg

Let us face the facts...

  • The FX market is almost completely managed by market-making via High Frequency Traders (HFT) algos owned by the largest banks! Not by the traders.
  • The market makers' cartels control over 80% of the orders supply. They control the SELL side!
  • The central banks control 100% of the money supply and the interest rates. And we all know they create money out of thin air.
  • The Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland controls the central banks!

It is important to understand how the interbank system works with the liquidity providers.

You will find an edge by focussing on liquidity and volatility rather then trying to decipher trends and channels.

Over 80% of underfunded retail fx spot traders lose money...

Brokers are, by law, obliged to report the figures.

Here are some numbers from the major ones...

Admiral Markets 83.00%

AvaTrade 71.00%

CityIndex 73.00%

CMC Markets 80.00%

DF Markets 75.00%

eToro 76.00%

ETX Capital 79.60%

Exness 54.30%

Forex.com 74.00%

FXCM UK 78.58%

FxOpen 78.00%

FxPro 79.00%

FXTM 64.00%

GKFX 81.75%

HYCM 82.00%

IGGroup 81.00%

InterTrader 78.00%

IronFX 75.35%

LCG 79.00%

Markets.com 76.60%

OANDA UK 77.00%

Pepperstone 78.00%

Plus500 80.60%

Saxo Capital Markets 72.00%

Swissquote 81.00%

Tickmill 81.00%

XM 69.75%

Z.com 69.00%

MEDIAN 78.00%

MEAN 76.06%