investing to boot up

Learning from Experience: Action and Research

It is very important to understand core concepts and terminology before plunging into paper-trading.

Knowledge alone is not useful unless we can make connections between what we know and what we will do.

and turn it into a real-world experience.

The emphasis, I repeat, is on LEARNING and DOING it. Exploring, experimenting, taking action and researching is part of it.

The idea is to just act and by repeated actions develop guts, overcome fear and keep the mind uncluttered and stress-free. Information overload most of the times makes us indecisive.

We teach Wall Street methods of investment and risk management that a layperson can understand easily and practice them effortlessly.

No jargon, no hype, no secrets. No hindsight trading.

No fee charged for teaching of fx trading including Algo modelling.

Looking for highly motivated learners who can contribute their skills and time to development of inexpensive elearning courses, e-trading/algo programming lab.

Build Currency Options Trading Business effortlessly

Who will benefit from it the most?

  • A self-motivated person who is interested in making income (part-time or full-time) from financial trading for self or working as an employee for others. Compared to stocks and spot currency, it is less stressful to trade futures options and will suit even retirees and housewives.
  • A corporate or family wealth manager who wants to self-direct and manage an in-house currency futures options fund for unconventional returns from 50% to 100% a year.
  • A Treasury professional who wants to manage foreign currency exchange risk by hedging via options.
  • Finance students who want to have trading records and use them as testimonials while applying for a job.

Become an independent currency futures options trader in the shortest possible time - 198 minutes which includes 98 minutes of on-site half-day mini Bootcamp. ALL FREE OF COST

Be able to

  • Pick trading ideas and identify opportunities by high probability and risk/reward ratio
  • Quickly determine whether the currency is likely to soar, break down, remain neutral or move in a trading range,
  • Execute transactions on the broker's trading platforms
  • Do analysis and execution - all in a matter of less than 15 minutes

Are there any requirements or prerequisites for the mini bootcamp?

No particular academic qualification is required.

No laptop or desktop computer is required.

You don't have to be tech-savvy. Smartphone will be used for executing trades.

Prior 1 years' knowledge of forex trading and some experience in any kind of paper or real financial trading is essential. Experienced equity options traders are also welcome as long as they understanding of how currency market works.

An understanding of the concepts of insurance, investment, profit, loss and expenses is needed.

Do I need to have any knowledge of analyzing charts, indicators , trends or market sentiment?

No, It is not essential.

Is there any pre-work involved?

Yes, prior to attending the mini bootcamp, you have to do some homework that may require 100 minutes of your time.

Pre-work preparations (requires 100 minutes for refreshing course consisting of text material and a few videos)

Mini Boot camp date

It is to be selected on a day when volatility is expected and is conducive to have a live trade immediately.

On-site Work:

  • Participants have to show up for the practice session only after having done pre-work. Without the core work done, it will be meaningless for anyone to attend the mini bootcamp.
  • Reorientation at the practice venue (60 minutes): Maximum of 5 minutes for each participant to seek clarification on pre-work done individually. Maximum 12 participants
  • Do-it-Exercise (30 minutes) : Instructor executes a trade in 10 minutes. Participants execute own trades in next 20 minutes.
  • Wrap-up (18 minutes): Q and A session

Traders and investors

The entire focus will be on sharpening decision making capability of the investor/trader and it will be essential that they don't get carried away by market noise and lures of making fast buck.

Learning curve will be such that they will be able to achieve capability to create trade ideas, analyse and execute - all in less than 15 minutes without doing any particular homework except reading geopolitical news headlines on a daily basis for 10 minutes. Money management will provide them the edge.

Mobile platforms, particularly those driven by texting and voice recognition, will be used for execution . Any technically -challenged person or one who is not tech-savvy would as well be able to analyse and execute trades quickly in a matter of minutes.

Job Seekers

Our training package will combine using user-friendly professional trading platforms, real­-time data, and an interface which will give you an authentic and enjoyable simulated trading experience. You will have an access to free tools to measure the live performance and preserve records to show your potential employers.

Learn to Trade: Training will be provided on generic type of platform, that is available free of cost and which uses real price data. It will help a trader choose any of popular financial instruments including stocks, forex, commodities,index, bonds and derivatives like futures and options.

Time-bound programmes: Pick up enough knowledge to launch demo trading in 48 hours and go live in 88 hours.