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Online Financial Services Academy (OFSA) is a highly-motivated small team of real traders and investors who have the ability to articulate their profit-making experience of real trading.

The founder, Panjabi Jawahar Lal, is a hands-on entrepreneur who started his freelance writing career at the age of 11, founded and managed a few non-profit organizations in 1960-70 in India, worked as a business/financial journalist for newspapers in India and Hong Kong in 1970-90, turned manufacturer exporter of consumer and industrial goods in 1980-90, spent 30+ years in self-taught financial trading and retired from active business in 2002.

Just Do It! the founder recalls his entrepreneurial journey that started at the age of 11 Experiential Learning in Practice

Looking for dedicated learners

We wish to share our experience by way of e-learning courses and on-site training. FREE of COST .

The objective is to empower the self-motivated and self-starters make a career in trading either by working for others (as trading assistants, proprietary traders, analysts, quants or algorithmic traders) or for self (personal investment or home business) deploying own financial resources.

No finance qualification or even an university degree is needed for a person who is keen on acquiring finance training through our planned courses.

We have built no-nonsense investment/trading systems that will help a layperson understand the world’s financial markets and trade for living or part-time income.

Transformational Investing

Our aim is to:

1. Embrace the underfunded learners and teach them the mechanics of trading and wealth management so that strongly-motivated individuals among them can be employed for entry-level jobs in online financial services sector.

Luckily, Hong Kong has a shortage of finance manpower and restrictive immigration policies. The institutions want to hire only university graduates for entry-level jobs but want to pay them salaries a secondary school graduate commands. As a result they are forced to train in-house and the dropout rates are high. Now they are showing flexibility in giving entry-level jobs to non-university graduates.

2. Pry open the door for all those who have some money but don't know how to become a self-directed investor/trader for any reason.

Two of well- known reasons are: they believe they can't do it; or they believe that they are busy with other things that are more interesting to them and allowing expensive advisors to handle their money.

3. Lend a helping hand to those who have:

(a) the desire to become financially free in retirement.

(b) motivation not to depend on advisors and handle own money .

(c) interest in upgrading their job skills of investing for SME employers.

New-age investing methods

Simple to grasp: Sophisticated concepts will be explained without overloading the learners with information.

Total focus will be on equipping them with decision-making prowess and minimise market noise.

Time-bound Results

Simple and quick to execute: 15 minutes will be enough to analyse and execute trades. Monitoring of simulated trades done by way of alerts sent through SMS or app notifications.

Learning curve for Fx futures trading : Simple understanding of what is risk, buy, sell, profit and loss. Not necessary to be tech savvy. Not suitable for people who can't invest less than US$25,000 or understand the effect of money on their psychology.

Beginners: 48 hours for simulated (paper) trading with no real money at stake; 88 hours for live trading with real money.

Learning curve for Fx Futures Options trading:


Non-speculators or Financial Insurance Risk Entrepreneurs

You do not need any prior experience in Financial Trading and Portfolio Management to conduct this business. All you require is a basic level of common sense and arithmetic ability besides at least US$25,000 as capital.

Speculators: Must have 1 year experience in paper trading of spot fx or equity options traders with 6 months of experience in spot fx paper trading.

98 minutes for on-site live Currency Options Trading . Paper Trading on Mobile Platform .

98 minutes for online education in core concepts of Insurance premium, Calls and Puts, Exercise, Assignment, Strike Price, Expiration, Intrinsic Value, Extrinsic Value, Theta (time decay), Delta and Vega.

How a historic library put me onto an

entrepreneurial journey from age 11